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  • Command™ Large Picture Hanging Strips
  • Command™ Large Picture Hanging Strips

    3M ID XA006711569
    • Holds up to 7.2kg (frame size 24"x36")
    • Damage-Free Hanging
    • No nail holes
    • Holds strongly
    Good for Humid Environments
    Good For Outdoors
    Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius)
    40.56 Degree Celsius
    Package Contents
    4 sets of strips
    Packaging Color
    Product Type
    Picture Hanger

    Command™ Damage-Free Picture Hanging, Holds Strongly, Removes Cleanly, No Nail Holes. Holds up to 7.2kg. Contains 4 sets of Large Strips.

    Command™ Picture Hanging Large Strips hold up to 7.2kg (frame size 60.9cm x 91.4cm) - 4 sets of large strips per pack. Command™ Picture Hanging Strips make Decorating quick and easy. One click tells you Picture Hanging Strips are locked in and holding tight. Best of all, when you are ready to take down or move your pictures, they come off cleanly - no nail holes, cracked plaster or sticky residue. Command™ Picture Hanging Strips come in three sizes: Small strips hold most 8" x 10" frames, medium strips hold most 18" x 24" frames and large strips hold most 24" x 36" frames. Also available are Command™ Frame Stabilizer Strips which keep picture frames level even if hung by nails. 2 to 4 sets of strips hold one frame dependant on its weight - see back of pack for details.

    • Holds up to 7.2kg (frame size 24"x36")
    • Damage-Free Hanging
    • No nail holes
    • Holds strongly
    • Removes cleanly
    • Picture locks in place
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